The importance of the and how to build it

Many developers tend to have many projects in git repositories on services like GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab. It is normal to see that in the vast majority of these projects that a blank file exists or is even non-existent, that is why I am going to tell you a bit about its importance and how you can build your first

What is the file?

This file is where pertinent information about your project is placed, the version in which it is currently located, how it should be displayed, how to contribute, what requirements you should complicate for its use, among other things.


It is always recommended that you have good documentation on your projects and this file is no exception, I recommend that you update your readme as your project progresses and detail the information necessary for its use.

If it is an open source project, this documentation is almost mandatory as it will be the gateway for future contributors and grow the community you need for your project to prosper.

Example of a

We can see in very popular projects in the different developer communities that have a good readme, for example the Facebook React.js repository:

Markdown = .md

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with which you can build an enriched html structure giving it a more pleasing visual, which is why this format is used in git projects.

To use the Markdown format here I leave you the syntax so you can start:

Information taken from template

I leave you a template to reuse in your projects, in this way they add a plus that will be very helpful when working as a team:


To finish I recommend the following:

  • If you have not created a reame I recommend that you start at once and create your first readme in any project that you have in git. If you want, use the template that I shared and adapt it with the information of your project.
  • Customize and add more sections to your reame to make it amazing.
  • You can build on popular projects like the one I mentioned in this post.

If you have any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to leave it in the comments and we will take it into account.

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